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Dongseo University
(Biff Film Academy)



Learn Filmmaking Skills & Build Your Creative Portfolio at a Leading Korean Film School. Develop Technical Skills in Filmmaking to Succeed in the Film Industry. BFA (Busan Film Academy) is an official film education programme operated by the Busan International Film Festivalm provided by Dongseo University(Korean Film School) and in collaboration with UCMT. Upon graduation, students would obtain a degree certificate from Dongseo University. Since 2005, the Busan International Film Festival has been running educational programmes such as filmmaking workshops and production coaching for young filmmakers from 32 countries across Asia for the past ten years; hundreds of new filmmakers who have participated in the AFA are now making their mark in the national film industry and in the world's best film festivals. In order to go beyond its position as a film festival and to contribute to the future of film festivals around the world, the Busan International Film Festival has launched a formal degree programme - the BFA (BIFF Film Academy). Combining the educational experience gained from the AFA with the excellent film facilities in the Busan area, the BFA (BIFF Film Academy) will work in partnership with universities specialising in film education and UCMT to develop students into creative, professional and autonomous professionals in the world of film.

Busan International Film Festival

Established in 1996, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) is one of the most important film festivals in Korea and Asia. Supported by the Korean government, the Busan city government, the film industry and the business community, the festival is held annually in October in Busan, Korea's second largest port city. The Busan International Film Festival was elected in May 2018 as a permanent member of the International Film Festival Committee of the International Film Producers Association (FIAPF). The committee consists of 10 film festivals around the world, including the Cannes International Film Festival, the Venice International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. The Busan International Film Festival is an active promoter of the development of Korean and Asian cinema. As one of the most popular and frequently visited film festivals by overseas filmmakers, overseas films and overseas filmmakers appear on the red carpet of the Busan International Film Festival and receive awards almost every year. In its growth into one of the most prestigious film festivals, the Busan International Film Festival has won the active support and embrace of professional filmmakers and fans alike for its rich and varied film and television content.

UNESCO Creative City of Film - Busan

Busan became the first Asian city to be awarded the title of UNESCO Film Capital in 2014, after Bradford, UK was awarded the title in 2009. Busan is widely recognised for its film history, film industry and artistic values

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