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Cannes Meets Busane

On May 19th, the BFA (Busan Film Academy Project) cooperation opening dinner was held in Cannes.

This is a pinnacle feast in the film industry, and top film figures from France, South Korea and China participated together.

Adriana Rabe, Head of Cooperation Department of Cannes Film Festival, Elodie Pericaud, representative of Ville De Paris Cinemas Department, Julien Ezzano, Head of Asia, National Film Center of France, Oh Seok- geun, Pierre-Louis Manès-Murphy, head of screen international Asia, Max Azoulay, chairman of the French ESRA International Film Academy, and Jasper Zhang, chairman of the China Monaco Center, gathered together to discuss and launch this eye-catching international cooperation.

This feast is not just a gathering, but also a milestone of transnational exchanges in the film industry. France, South Korea and China, three countries with long histories and rich cultural heritage, brought together top professionals in their respective film fields to jointly explore innovative cooperation opportunities and paint a compelling vision for the future of the film industry .


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